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8:45 AM - Christian Education
10:00 AM - Morning Worship


9:00 AM - Morning Prayer
9:30 AM - Morning Bible Study
7:00 PM - Evening Prayer
7:30 PM - Evening Bible Study


Grace Bible Church
1912 Central Parkway
Florissant, MO 63031

Phone: (314) 838-9200
Fax: (314) 838-9206

Open Senior Pastor Position

Grace Bible Church (GBC) of Florissant, MO (located 20 miles northwest of St. Louis) is seeking a Senior Pastor who has the heart of a teacher and the strong desire to carry out the Great Commission. It is our sincere desire and we are seeking to become a more ethnically and culturally diverse congregation. This church was founded by the late Pastor Roderick E. Walker and his wife Melanie Walker over 30 years ago. Their love for God that ignited their journey to reach the lost is embodied in our mission, which is stated as follows: To Transform Lives, To Spiritually Reproduce, To Illuminate the World for Generations to Come. We firmly teach that God has gifted each and every Christian with at least one spiritual gift in order to serve others (1 Corinthians 12:7) and carry out this mission. The new Senior Pastor will have the privilege of leading our Elders, Deacons and congregation in our pursuit to know God and love His people. It is our desire that he be passionate about his primary role of teaching the truths of Scripture, how to apply it in our daily lives, and cast a vision that leads us to a closer walk with Jesus.


  • Bachelor's or master's Degree in biblical studies/ministry
  • 5 years+ of Lead Pastor experience with a congregation of 150+
  • Licensed, commissioned, and ordained by a Christian organization
  • Holds to the Word of God as being authoritative, inerrant, infallible truth
  • Comfortable and skilled in topical and passage-by-passage preaching styles
  • Responsibilities:

  • Primary teacher/speaker during worship services and other Bible studies
  • Preach the Word, seek to save the lost, equip disciples
  • Target both the saved and unsaved equally during worship services
  • Place priority emphasis on evangelism, disciple-making, and worship, while not forsaking and balancing other activities of the church
  • Provide encouragement, training, organization and accountability to help the body practice individual evangelism
  • Meet family needs and care for the flock
  • Provide a clear vision to the flock and conduct excellent leadership training
  • Develop and disciple Elders and Deacons for the work of the ministry
  • Place high emphasis on the development and deployment of leaders and members for ministry
  • Recruit, lead, and manage church staff to fulfill the mission of the church
  • Actively pursue and cultivate a multi-ethnic and multi-culturally diverse church
  • Employ current technology for effective ministry
  • Application Process
    Qualified applicants should apply by visiting convergeplacementnetwork.org.
    No need to email a resume or cover letter.
    Please email Kirsten@convergemidamerica.org with any questions.